Saturday, January 16

My dad ask me to change the way i blog! Uhmm..

Yesterday when i busy mixing my song for next week, daddy call me. Well, he suddenly ask about my blog which i always talk about it.. 1st question is, why i used broken malay in this blog.. aww...

Ok, i admit my malay language is not "that" good. And then he ask me to used english in this blog! The reason is... i'm already in college and i need to make my English better day by day. Ok, after few minute argue i decide...


ok ok, i will used english when writing in my blog...


what?? i'm smiling until someone complain about my red template! I love red? so what??

red is symbol of angry bla bla bla.... this and that and this and that..

ok i know, they just want me to modified all things in this blog.. and i gonna make it now, ok? satisfied now?

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My sister laptop.. when is my turn? i want a laptop too!


I'm getting fatter! Damn! 10 kg in 1 month!

4 orang pengomen setia:

cintaqaseh said...

hye..good luck in bloging world..=)

noor afzan said...

k, just drop by to say hai..

Budak Hostel said...

@ cintaqaseh: thanks

@ noor afzan: hi too.. hahax

Anonymous said...


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